Using Essential Oils Aromatically

Have you heard of aromatherapy before? It’s mostly associated with something having a nice smell, and while that is part of it, there is so much more to it! Using essential oils aromatically is a great way to improve your emotional or physical well-being, and it’s so easy to get started. Click through to find out more about using essential oils aromatically and the benefits you may experience!

Have you heard of aromatherapy before? It’s the same thing as using essential oils aromatically. When you enjoy the smell of your favourite flower or cutting up your favourite citrus fruit, you’re experiencing the aromatic quality of essential oils.

Most people think of this practice as enjoying a nice smell, and it is true that aromatherapy does smell good, but there is so much more to it! By using high quality and pure essential oils, you can improve your emotional or physical well-being when you breathe them in.

Over the last few years, the availability of high quality essential oils (such as the oils I use from dōTERRA) has increased, and because these oils are more readily available, aromatherapy is becoming more popular.

Aromatic Use

Inhaling essential oils can offer many emotional and physical benefits, especially when it comes to improving or balancing your mood. They can have calming, energizing, soothing, uplifting and grounding effects depending on which oil you use and the chemical components of the plant.

It’s actually quite amazing how quickly your mood can turn around if you inhale the right essential oil for your emotional needs!

The smell receptors in your brain are in the same part of your brain the processes emotions, behavior and memory, which is why essential oils can have an extremely powerful effect when inhaled.


Diffusing essential oils is one of the easiest and most popular methods for using essential oils aromatically so you can experience the benefits of the oils, especially since diffusers are so affordable and easily available these days!

When choosing a diffuser, you want to look for one that uses water and vibrations to turn the oil into a fine mist with tiny particles that are easily inhaled over time.

You also want to consider how long you are planning on running the diffuser for, to ensure it has a sufficient run time. For maximum benefits to be obtained, it is best to diffuse essential oils multiple times throughout the day for shorter periods, so if you find a diffuser that gives the option to work in intervals, you’re set!

Another consideration when purchasing a diffuser is the size of the room you are diffusing in - A larger room will require a more powerful diffuser to spread the oil particles around, whereas you wouldn’t want to use a super powerful diffuser in a smaller room as it could become very overwhelming! 

dōTERRA actually have 2 diffuser options in Australia, so there will be one to suit your needs:

  • The Petal Diffuser: Most affordable and has run times of 1, 2 and 4 hours. It has coverage of 30m2, which will be sufficent for an average size room, and has an optional night light. The retail price is $77.31, but this drops to $58 if you have a wholesale membership. This diffuser is also included in the Home Essentials Kit and Nature’s Solutions kits

  • The Lumo Diffuser: The design is inspired by nature with its maple wood base. It has run times of 2 or 5 hours continuous, or can run for up to 10 hours on an intermittent setting. It has coverage of 50m2 and several lighting colour options. The retail price is $138, but this drops to $104 with a wholesale membership

I personally have 3 petal diffusers in my house and have given them as gifts as well because I love them so much!

Most people have used essential oils in an oil burner that uses a candle to heat the oil and release the scent. I know I’ve had plenty over the years! However, oil burners that use heat are not recommended to use with essential oils, since the heat will alter the chemical compounds of the oil, taking away all of the lovely benefits we want to enjoy!

Alternatives to Diffusing

Even if you don’t have a diffuser on hand, you can still use your essential oils aromatically in various ways. The simplest way is by inhaling the essential oil directly from the bottle, or placing a drop of the oil in your hands, rubbing them together and cupping them over your face to breathe in the amazing smell!

You can also create a room spray or linen spray by mixing a few drops with water in a glass spray bottle, or you could place a drop or 2 on cotton balls to place in air conditioning vents around the house or car. I also love adding a couple of drops to the washing machine when I am running a load so that our clothes smell amazing!

These days you can even purchase diffuser jewellery! There are a wide variety of options such as lava beads, clay pendants, or metal pieces with cage-like sections that have felt pads inside that you drop your oils on. Just add a few drops of your favourite oil to the jewellery and then you can wear the scent with you to experience the benefits of your essential oils all day!

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