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Hi! I’m Jessica! Wife, Mama & essential oil lover Helping other mamas improve the well-being of their families


My oily journey began when I was burnt out, anxious and having trouble sleeping. I wanted a natural solution to improve my health and well-being, and that’s when I found dōTERRA.

I’d heard about essential oils before, but didn’t know anything more than they smelled great. I was in for such a surprise! I started with a Home Essentials kit, and from the moment I opened the box and started learning, I was amazed at everything these little bottles of goodness could do!

Essential oils have helped me and my family in so many ways. I use them to manage my stress, balance my mood, and help me sleep. They supported me through my pregnancy and the birth of my son, and now support my whole family physically and emotionally. I’m even using them to help reduce the toxins in around our house in cleaners and beauty products.

Now, I get to share my love of essential oils with others! Whether you want to have a nice smelling house, support your family physically and emotionally, or reduce the toxins in your life, I’m here to support you through your own oily journey!




Family Members

3 (Me, my husband and my cheeky toddler)

Obsessed with Essential oils since

October 2016

Top 3 places I’ve travelled

Bali, Switzerland & Fiji

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be

Pizza (followed closely by tacos!)

Someday I want to

Teach webdesign to creative entrepreneurs

On days off, I like to

Sleep in (or have a nap!)

My go to outfit

Gym pants and messy bun!


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My Favourite Oils